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Private Mission Law.

...a story of posttraumatic depression...

§1 The Private Mission is only intended to keep the status quo of historical nonexistence of this time since the beginning of the modern age - i.e. since 1945. As a phenomenon of a possible decline, because there was the war in the END that time, it takes the mausoleated Zémans, because the pretended responsibility for the End of the World had The biggest effect on them, if not themselves - then directly or indirectly through their surroundings. They are used as the measuring unit reaching forth to the year of 2077, having this year defined as extinction.
§2 The Private Mission shall be executed solely by the SWORD team that is bound by strictly defined procedures and rules for each action and this is confidential and has always been this way without any changes.
§4 Every member of the Private Mission is always "dressed up to the nines", both mentally and physically.

AD2019 E.T.C.